Welcome to Ninja Treeworks’ website.

Ninja’s goal is to use our more than thirty years of experience in the service of authentic and sustainable solutions in the care and preservation of our urban woodlands. We consider trees in their wider context: as a source of shade and oxygen, as habitat, as contributors to the aesthetic and cultural richness of the urban landscape; but as a potential source of risk or a disruptive factor. Our goal is to work with you to develop and implement sensible, fair and cost-effective solutions in this area of ​​tension. It is not our goal to offer the cheapest solution but one that meets both your needs and the tree’s dignity.


Impersonal and run-of-the-mill solutions are not our style at all. Personal contact is important to us and we are more than a mere service provider in the industry.


Our team can look back with pride on a wealth of experience of more than 40 tree years. We live out our passion day by day in and around the trees.


Nature is of overriding importance to us: we take the utmost care of it with the most sustainable and least invasive working methods possible.

Mark Bridge (Founder)

“I see us as mediators between trees and people. It's up to us to develop respectful and sustainable ways in dealing with these unique beings."

Mark has been in tree care since 1990 and is one of the most experienced arborists in Switzerland. His activities consist of hands-on, practical tree work with Ninja Treeworks, training with Baumklettern Schweiz GmbH, as well as in product development with Treemagineers Ltd. He has lectured in numerous countries on topics related to rope-climbing techniques and safety, and he has also published numerous articles in specialist journals. Mark has been three times Swiss and twice European champion tree climber. He and his team can take on any challenge, however difficult.